I work with entrepreneurship, scalable climate action and consciousness development. You can connect with me via www.ferrogate.com

Conscious Chronicles explores two main positions and how they relate to each other:

1. Climate change is caused by flaws in the systems that govern our world. There are ways to mend those flaws but not without facing reality and patching the systems themselves.

2. The climate crisis is a symptom of underdeveloped human consciousness, which in turn is caused by our predominant materialist belief system. There are ways to change that, both on individual and collective levels.

About me

I've worked +15 years as a startup founder, primarily with online platforms disrupting legacy industries. The past several years I've shifted my focus to scalable climate action, both from an entrepreneurial, political, existential and activist perspective. I've spent +10 years on personal development and consciousness exploration and view the recent advances in consciousness understanding from philosophy, neuroscience and quantum physics as the most profound and timely change agent of our time.

I hold an MA in culture and communications. I was pursuing my PhD fellowship in contemporary art and organisational change at Freie Universität Berlin and University of Copenhagen, when I was invited to cofound publishing service Issuu, today one of the largest living libraries online.

Later I founded Conferize, a SaaS platform to disrupt the events industry, which I took public in 2017 on Nasdaq. In 2021 I co-founded the experimental organisation Massive.earth that worked with scalable climate action.

A few general disclaimers

Conscious Chronicles is my lab where I sharpen my pen and mistakes are considered happy accidents. This is where I explore all of reality and stream my consciousness, literally. Above all, I pledge to search for truth.

However infrequently I may post, I write quickly without an editor. I swear by the 80/20 rule: It takes 20 percent of your time to get something 80 percent done. For this platform I’ve decided to settle for ~85 percent done. I have to, as I don’t have much time. None of us do. I find comfort in knowing that typos are not among our worst sins when all is said and done. But not searching for and speaking truth is. Finally, please excuse my English, it’s not my native tongue.

Conscious Chronicles is not an academic endeavour per se, but rather exploring and sharing insights to reach out into the world. For any given post I will usually tell my story, then add further links below for you to explore.

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Martin Ferro

Conscious Chronicles of an entrepreneur who works with scalable climate action and consciousness development.