Welcome to Conscious Chronicles: My journey into scalable climate action and consciousness development

Hello world. Again.

It may seem we’re at the end of our time and it’s stranger than fiction indeed. The systems which govern our world are failing to solve its biggest crisis: Climate change. Why? Because it’s caused by flaws in the design of those very same systems. On a deeper level this crisis is a symptom of underdeveloped human consciousness. These are the two underlying positions of Conscious Chronicles.

My name is Martin Ferro and I work with entrepreneurship, scalable climate action and consciousness development. I’m also a man of letters, now returning to the letters once more. These stories are about what I see and experience. Read the About section or go to ferrogate.com to learn more about me.

Most of my time is spent trying to understand what we can do to implement scalable climate action and how to increase human consciousness.

It’s clear we need to transition to a post-growth society with a more balanced economic system based on actual human values, contesting the current all-encompassing materialist belief system.

I’ve chosen not to see mankind as failing, but rather as trying. How we face it all determines how we evolve as a species.

I view the climate crisis as a symptom of under-developed human consciousness. With the accelerating climate crisis we need to patch the economic system to reflect all of reality. Because the most important things are not things at all.

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Next up: My synopsis for Conscious Chronicles, part 1/2: Climate Change




Conscious Chronicles of an entrepreneur who works with scalable climate action and consciousness development.

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Martin Ferro

Martin Ferro

Conscious Chronicles of an entrepreneur who works with scalable climate action and consciousness development.

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